About Me

Hello and welcome, fellow adventurer! My name is Darlene, and I’m a resident of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Travel is just one of my many passions, which also include, but are not limited to; soap making, wine making, beer making, heritage conservation, knitting and crocheting, jewelry-making, various ever-changing hobbies, animals, and the list goes on.

For me, travel is something I need in my life; part escape, part adventure, part exploration, part personal fulfillment. I’ve travelled my entire life; thanks to parents who made travel a priority in our family, regardless of our finances. With my parents, I travelled extensively through Western Canada and the United States. But I never journeyed overseas until I met my wonderful, and even more adventurous husband, Mark.

Since then, we’ve been to parts of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the United Kingdom, and the list continues. I want to share the things we’ve learned in our travels, and highlight some of the incredible things we’ve seen and done. I also know there are a lot of people who want to travel but haven’t taken that leap yet for whatever reason. I want to be able to inspire and encourage those people to just do it no more excuses!

And no, this isn’t one of those blogs about how we quit our jobs to travel around the world, because we haven’t. I’m also not here to brag about luxury travel, which we don’t do. (Except for that one five-star hotel in Prague.) We both work full time, and the way we travel reflects that reality.

Blogging has become a funny beast. There’s really nothing special about calling yourself a blogger. It’s not a professional title; there’s no Bloggers University to attend and graduate from with High Honours. Calling yourself a blogger just means you’re someone who posts things on the internet. Anyone can do that.

A lot of people blog to get freebies, or to hopefully turn it into a paying career through advertising and sponsorships, and that’s cool for them. But I don’t consider myself special, or an all-knowing authority on travel. I just want to share my own experiences, and yours may be different. That’s why I don’t ask for special considerations, treatment, or freebies while on holidays. I’ll never ask a hotel, airline, or attraction to comp me in exchange for free advertising. I don’t want to be treated different or better than the average traveller, because then that’s not an authentic experience. I want my stories to be the real deal. So my blog and related posts therein are not sponsored, or paid for by any company.

That being said – if you have a cool travel app you want feedback on, or helpful travel gadgets you would like reviewed – honestly – let’s talk. I also won’t say no to behind-the-scenes tours of wineries, distilleries, and breweries, because I find their inner workings utterly fascinating. But if there’s an admission fee I’m also cool with that. 🙂

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