Beet Root Juice and Sauerkraut Juice germany

Beetroot Juice and Sauerkraut Juice, They’re a Thing

Hooo boy, where to start with this one!

While shopping in Munich at one of the many department stores (it may have been a C&A), we headed into the basement where they had a rather up-scale grocery store. We found some pretty cool stuff, including gourmet rock sugar for tea in different flavours which we purchased as a souvenir.

Mark and I split up at one point to gather some goodies for a supper picnic, and when we met up later, he said, “I found something interesting for us to try!” He pulled the following two bottles out of his grocery basket:

Beet Root Juice and Sauerkraut Juice
Oh boy, which one to try first?

Beetroot juice and sauerkraut juice. REALLY? Mark said they were about $1.50 each to try and he loves trying things we can’t find back home. Schneekoppe is sort of a health brand in Germany which has been around since 1927. They have a whole range of cereals, supplements, vitamins….and then they make this stuff:

Beetroot and sauerkraut juice ingredients
Healthy? Maybe. Tasty? We will be the judge of that!

Now for me, the only vegetables I can even tolerate in juice form are carrots. I even turn my nose up at tomato juice. (Schneekoppe does also make carrot juice and a multi-vegetable juice. But no, we didn’t buy those, that would be too easy.)

Mark generously allowed me to choose which juice I wanted to try first. I decided that the beetroot juice might be the less offensive of the two, so we opened her up and poured ourselves a bit.

Beetroot juice taste test
It does have a lovely colour, just don’t spill it on anything.

The juice was a lot sweeter than I expected, but then beets do contain a lot of natural sugars. If it was just about the first taste, I probably could have been okay with it. But then it hits the back of your tongue and the rooty flavour of the beets overwhelms the initial impression. I tried to drink it by holding my nose, but it didn’t do anything to mask or disguise the dirt-root aftertaste which lingers. So unfortunately, this isn’t something I will ever develop a craving for.

We decided to save the sauerkraut juice for the next day, when we were planning to have a supper picnic in the English Gardens. We also brought a bottle of wine, you know, in the off-chance we wouldn’t enjoy the sauerkraut juice.

Sauerkraut Juice
It looks prettier in a park setting, doesn’t it?

We each poured ourselves a generous helping. Here goes nothing!

Sauerkraut juice taste test
Down the hatch!

So, you’re wondering, how was the sauerkraut juice compared to the beetroot juice? We decided to film my first sips and subsequent review for posterity, which can be found below. Though I think the look on my face says it all:

Soooo….. yeah. It’s not good. In fact, even after rinsing out our plastic travel wine glasses, the odour of the sauerkraut juice lingered, making the wine we purchased smell like cabbage rolls.

A friend of ours from Germany said that these juices are often purchased by people on a diet or health kick, or for people with… can I put this delicately….digestive issues. Which, I can see with the sauerkraut juice, because fermented foods and drinks such as pickles or kimchi often help settle the stomach. But I would rather drink a glass of pickle juice over the sauerkraut juice any day.

So, if you’re ever in Germany and you see these juices on the shelf, do yourself a favour. Maybe go for their carrot juice instead, or bypass them all together and go straight for the wine.

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