The Public Transport Museum – Prague

Prague Transport Museum sepia

One of the many museums we visited in Prague, Czech Republic was the Public Transport Museum. Considering the relative age of things in Prague, this museum is fairly “new”, only open since 1993. The Prague Public Transport Company opened the museum in a historic tram depot in the Prague – Střešovice neighborhood. The tram depot … Read more The Public Transport Museum – Prague

Slivovice Review (Czech Republic)

Slivovice Aged 3 Years

Since we were just in the Czech Republic a little while ago, let’s talk about one of the liqueurs the Czech Republic is best known for. That would be Slivovice, which is Czech for plum brandy. One afternoon we found ourselves poking around one of the bigger department stores in Prague, called My Narodni. We … Read more Slivovice Review (Czech Republic)

The Český Pivní Festival is for Beer Lovers

Czech beer festival sampler Czech Republic

Part of our trip planning process often includes researching any local festivals, holidays or celebrations to experience, if we can get the timing lined up just right. Luckily, our holiday in May 2015 just happened to fall at the right time for us to experience the Český Pivní festival in Prague. Pivní, pivo, and/or pivovar are very important … Read more The Český Pivní Festival is for Beer Lovers

Eating at the Vytopna Train Restaurant in Prague

Vytopna window ad Czech Republic

While we were in Prague, we decided to check out one of the more famous, if not a bit gimmicky, restaurants there: Vytopna Railway Restaurant. Mark actually found out about it before we went to Prague so it was on our list of things to see. What’s their gimmick, you ask? Well…. Yes, the restaurant … Read more Eating at the Vytopna Train Restaurant in Prague

Czeching Out Spa Beerland in Prague

beer spa tubs at Spa Beerland

During the research phase for our trip to the Czech Republic, I read about the spa experiences they offer. Specifically, beer spas. There were several, in fact, all across the country. This unique (though gimmicky) concept immediately piqued my interest. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Oz and James TV series. But it’s a … Read more Czeching Out Spa Beerland in Prague

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