Fjallagrasa Icelandic Schnapps Review (Iceland)

Fjallagrasa Icelandic Schnapps bottle

Have you ever tried Icelandic Schnapps before? How about Icelandic Schnapps flavoured with moss? No? Then let me introduce you to Fjallagrasa Icelandic Schnapps – the liqueur flavoured with Cetaria Islandica, a type of lichen that grows in Iceland. This was one of the most interesting bottles of liqueur my husband and I purchased in … Read more Fjallagrasa Icelandic Schnapps Review (Iceland)

Vasie Se Pitte Granadilla Liqueur Review (Namibia)

granadilla liqueur bottle

One of the things my husband and I love to shop for on vacation is liqueur. Hooch. Booze. Tipple. Whatever you want to call it. You can find the strangest and most wonderful alcohol-based drinks in other parts of the world that you could never hope to find back home. Sometimes, with good reason. And … Read more Vasie Se Pitte Granadilla Liqueur Review (Namibia)

Viking Blod Mead Review (Denmark)

Viking Blod bottle

Yes, I know, two Denmark posts in a row. But my husband and I started binge-watching Vikings on the History channel a few weeks ago. So it seemed only appropriate to talk about one of the drinks we bought in Denmark last year: Viking Blod. When we visited the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, we … Read more Viking Blod Mead Review (Denmark)

Mars Maltage Cosmo Whisky Review (Japan)

Mars Whisky bottle in the snow

It’s been a bitterly cold week here in Edmonton, with the windchill hovering around -30 C. So what better way to keep warm than to have a wee dram of whisky? When you think of whisky, countries like Scotland or Ireland most likely come to mind. Japan probably wouldn’t even register in the top five … Read more Mars Maltage Cosmo Whisky Review (Japan)

Kabanes Halbbitter Liqueur Review (Germany)

kabanes bottle

Here we are again, time for another liqueur review! This time I’m reviewing a liqueur from Germany called Kabanes. (As a side note, technically the second “A” in Kabanes should have an umlaut accent over it, as it does on the label.) We purchased this bottle in 2015 in Cologne, Germany. Coincidentally, that’s also where it’s … Read more Kabanes Halbbitter Liqueur Review (Germany)

Valhalla Liqueur Review (Finland)

valhalla liqueur bottle

Typically my liqueur reviews are based on local specialty drinks we’ve discovered during our travels. This review still fits that category, but with one small caveat: this liqueur wasn’t actually made in the country we purchased it in. I will explain. On our recent stop over in Iceland, we found a liquor store. As we … Read more Valhalla Liqueur Review (Finland)

Saskatoon Berry Liquor Review (Alberta)

Saskatoon Berry liquor

Although I usually try to focus my liquor reviews on products we bought on holidays, we have some interesting products made locally as well. Some of them might even be considered “exotic” to people living outside of Canada. So this is one of those reviews! My husband and I came across this bottle at a local … Read more Saskatoon Berry Liquor Review (Alberta)

Hot N’ Sweet Premium Shot Cactus Liqueur Review (Denmark)

Hot N' Sweet Premium Shot liqueur

Last year on vacation, Mark and I took a day trip from Copenhagen to Roskilde to visit the Viking Ship Museum (a must-see, BTW).  We decided to stop in at a grocery store on our way to catch the train back to Copenhagen. We headed straight for the liquor aisle to peruse the local libations. … Read more Hot N’ Sweet Premium Shot Cactus Liqueur Review (Denmark)