beer spa tubs at Spa Beerland

Czeching Out Spa Beerland in Prague

During the research phase for our trip to the Czech Republic, I read about the spa experiences they offer. Specifically, beer spas. There were several, in fact, all across the country. This unique (though gimmicky) concept immediately piqued my interest.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Oz and James TV series. But it’s a show where wine critic Oz Clarke teamed up with his buddy (and co-host of Top Gear) James May. They toured around France visiting various wineries, in Odd-Couple-esque style. But in one episode they went to a wine spa. There, they received grape-skin facials, and soaked (rather awkwardly and hilariously) in a hot tub filled with grape extract. After seeing that, I was more than game for trying something similar. Finding a beer spa was just the experience I was looking for.

Why We Chose Spa Beerland

I ended up choosing one in the heart of Prague called Spa Beerland (Pivni Lazne in Czech). The photos on their website looked the prettiest. What can I say, I’m all about aesthetics, especially when shopping for a relaxing spa. Their website recommended booking reservations in advance. So I chose an evening when we didn’t have anything pre-planned and made a booking for the two of us. Mark wasn’t completely sold on the idea, not being a spa-guy. But he figured it might be fun, and the addition of unlimited beer consumption helped sway him.

Spa Beerland was conveniently located just a short walk from our hotel, which wasn’t something I had planned. It just turned out that way.

Spa Beerland ad
One of the ads in the window of Spa Beerland

Just a few of the selling points of the beer spa included:

  • unlimited consumption of beer while you’re there
  • fresh, homemade beer bread included in the price
  • private room
  • optional sauna add-on (which I chose to include as part of the experience)
  • open late in the evening, after all the stores and museums have closed
  • gift shop selling beer cosmetics (which wasn’t needed in the end, as I found several shops in Prague that sold various beer and wine-themed creams and lotions).

The Spa Beerland Experience

As soon as we entered Spa Beerland’s reception area we checked in at the desk. The receptionist told us our room was already prepared for our arrival. We followed our hostess downstairs into the basement of the building, where she led us to the last door on the left. Just as we arrived, a fellow who had just finished his treatment emerged from the room across the hall. He looked relaxed, refreshed and quite happy. It was a good sign for what was to come!

Our hostess showed us around the large brick-walled room, which was quite toasty from the fireplace. The room had three large tubs, but we would be using the one in the center. It was already filled with warm water.

Beer Spa wooden tubs Prague
The wooden jacuzzi tubs. Can we get one of these for our bathroom?

The Ingredients

There were three wooden buckets sitting in front of the fireplace. Our hostess picked them up one by one and stirred the contents vigorously with a long-handled wooden spoon. She explained what was in each bucket: one had ground hops, one had malt, and the last had brewer’s yeast.

beer spa ingredients prague
The three ingredients to a successful beer spa, warming up in front of the fireplace…

When I told people that we were going to a beer spa that offered unlimited consumption of beer, they all had the same image in their heads: the two of us, sitting in a vat of beer, with really long crazy straws, chugging our own bath water. And in my own mind I expected the water to actually consist of beer as well. But it makes sense that they wouldn’t just fill the tub with sticky, alcohol-laden beer. They recommend that you don’t bathe or shower for a few hours afterward so your body can absorb the nutrients in the ingredients. So of course you wouldn’t want to dump a bottle of beer on yourself and then walk around like that all evening.

beer spa ingredients prague
Here come the ingredients that make the beer spa unique! From left to right, brewer’s yeast, hops and malt.

So what sort of health benefits do they claim the ingredients have?

  • Hops: energizing, rejuvenating, skin softener. opens pores
  • Brewer’s Yeast: vitamin B, skin hydration, smoothes wrinkles
  • Malt: proteins in both malt and hops make your hair feel thicker and softer – which is why washing your hair in beer makes hair look so shiny and healthy!

Our Spa Beerland hostess proceeded to dump some of the ingredients into the tub, then she set the timer for an hour, the full length of our visit. We would have 20 minutes to soak in the jacuzzi, and we would know when to get out when the jets shut off. She wished us a relaxing visit before disappearing and closing the door behind her.

“Hopping” In!

We had brought our bathing suits, uncertain of whether they would be necessary or not, but with the room to ourselves and little time to spare, we quickly stripped down and climbed into the tub, which had a seat on each end. As it turned out, it was a good thing we didn’t bother with bathing suits, because the mixture of ingredients left a thin layer of sludgy green goo around the edge of the tub.

beer jacuzzi
Ok I can live with this. Can I just take this whole room home with me?

Once we settled into the nicely bubbling water, we poured ourselves some beer from the tap beside the tub.

beer spa beer taps prague

In the beginning we mostly just got foam, but eventually the taps got working correctly. You get a choice of light or dark beer, Krušovice brand to be exact.

krusovice beer tap

We weren’t in the jacuzzi for more than five minutes when Mark declared, “this is actually kind of nice!” Ahh, another convert.

After the soak, we climbed out and moved into the hop sauna. We didn’t notice until later that there was a little hourglass bolted to the wall so you could tell how long you’d been in. We went with the old “peer through the steamy glass at your watch on the floor outside the sauna” method. I think we stayed in the sauna for about 15 minutes, and man was it hot in there!

Once out, we draped the fresh white linens on the round barrel bed filled with wheat straw and laid down, beers still firmly in hand (and topped up). We grabbed the plate of fresh beer bread our hostess had placed by the bed and nibbled on it while commenting how comfortable the wheat straw bed actually was You wouldn’t think so to look at it. Though it was a bit overfull and made a mess on the floor every time we moved.

beer spa straw bed
Why doesn’t Mattress Mattress offer wheat straw as an option?

With our time at Spa Beerland almost over, we reluctantly hopped into the shower (also part of the same room) and quickly rinsed off the remaining goo. The staff recommended not to shower afterward so we could get the best benefits from the ingredients. But the thought of walking around with drying ground hops and brewer’s yeast on our skin didn’t really appeal to us.

We got dressed and walked out into the hallway, where our hostess was waiting for us. “Did you enjoy the beer spa?” she asked hopefully.

“Oh it was lovely!” we assured her. Mark was especially surprised by how much he enjoyed the experience, and how relaxed he felt afterwards. Our only complaint was that although 20 minutes for the jacuzzi and sauna were enough time, we felt a bit rushed lying on the wheat straw bed. We easily could have remained there for another half hour just lounging and relaxing!

Once we reached the reception area, we saw a group of friends waiting for their appointment. They were already helping themselves to the beer on tap next to the gift shop area! Had we known we could have had a pint before our appointment, we would have shown up earlier. Oh well. Maybe next time…

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