Trying Schneebällen for the First Time in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

schneeballen display, Rothenburg Germany

On our excursion to Germany, we spent two leisurely days in a picturesque little town called Rothenburg ob der Tauber. While strolling up and down the narrow streets, we noticed a particular pastry peering back at us from behind the glass at several bakeries: schneebällen, or snowballs. The recipe for schneebällen has been around for … Read more Trying Schneebällen for the First Time in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Mars Maltage Cosmo Whisky Review (Japan)

mars maltage cosmo whisky bottle

It’s been a bitterly cold week here in Edmonton, with the windchill hovering around -30 C. So what better way to keep warm than to have a wee dram of whisky? When you think of whisky, countries like Scotland or Ireland most likely come to mind. Japan probably wouldn’t even register in the top five … Read more Mars Maltage Cosmo Whisky Review (Japan)

Valhalla Liqueur Review (Finland)

Valhalla liqueur bottle

Typically my liqueur reviews are based on local specialty drinks we’ve discovered during our travels. This review still fits that category, but with one small caveat: this liqueur wasn’t actually made in the country we purchased it in. I will explain. On our recent stop over in Iceland, we found a liquor store. As we … Read more Valhalla Liqueur Review (Finland)

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