On one of our slightly more leisurely days in Paris, my husband and I decided to explore a few of the Grands Boulevards, or covered galleries between the 9th and 2nd arrondissements. We were poking around Passage Jouffroy specifically when we both decided we were peckish. As it happened, we walked out onto the street and I saw the strangest sight: a restaurant facade that reminded me of a Victorian-style train car protruding out onto the sidewalk at the end of the gallery!

Victoria Station exterior paris

The name of the restaurant is, appropriately, the Victoria Station Restaurant. It looked so interesting we decided we had to try it out for lunch. After all, the Vytopna train restaurant in Prague had amazing food, so maybe this train-themed restaurant did too!

The decor in the Victoria Station Restaurant was so kitschy and fun, with velvet-upholstered seats and fringed lamps dangling overhead. Each section felt like a separate train car. The booths even had baggage racks.

Victoria Station interior paris

The menu leans heavily toward Italian fare, such as pizza and pastas:

Victoria Station restaurant menu Paris

Mark ordered a calzone, while I opted for the spaghetti bolognese.

The meals themselves were just the right size for lunch portions. I loves me some carbs!

Calzone and spaghetti Victoria Station paris

They also had several gin-based cocktails on the menu, which isn’t a very common sight. Gin-based drinks aren’t always the most popular, but somehow fit with the Victorian theme. Needless to say, we each ordered one to try. Mine had Cinzano in it, if I recall correctly. (I failed to take a photo of the drinks menu listing the ingredients. I was just so excited to try one!)

Gin-based cocktails at Victoria Station

The food was quite good. Mark really enjoyed the calzone, which actually had a raw egg in it! You’d never catch me eating that, but he insisted that it was one of the best meals of the trip. I felt the same way about my spaghetti. The chef was very generous with the ground beef in my bolognese, and the seasonings were just right.

In fact, we enjoyed our meals so much, that our waitress convinced us to order dessert! It’s rare we ever have the room to order dessert, so this says a lot. We ended up ordering one order of profiteroles, and asked if we could split it.

Our waitress came back with two plates, each with one profiterole and a generous scoop of ice cream. At first we thought she made a mistake and gave us two orders. But no, she said this was one order split in half! Profiteroles, for those who don’t know, are basically cream puffs. These were dripping in dark chocolate sauce with vanilla ice cream on the side. They look huge, but the pastry was lighter than expected. So we actually finished everything on our plates!

dessert at Victoria Station paris

Eating at the Victoria Station Restaurant was definitely one of our favourite meals of the trip. We would highly recommend giving it a try, at least for lunch. The restaurant is easy to spot, as it’s directly across the street from Musee Grevin. And of course, it’s the one that looks just like a Victorian-era train car. 🙂

Occasionally the Victoria Station Restaurant also has live music as well. Call in advance if you want to catch some live music to accompany your meal as days and times can vary.

Getting To the Victoria Station Restaurant

Address: Victoria Station Restaurant

11 Boulevard Montmartre, 75002 Paris, France

Reservations: lafourchette.com

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